The nanny explained why the children from the orphanage didn’t cry.this story will make you cry

This story made me reconsider many things in my life, especially concerning my child. My daughter was small when we decided to go to church, and I can’t remember why. At the church, the pastor shared a story with me and my husband that deeply impacted me, and I will remember it for a long time.

“I often visit orphanages to find out what they need. We engage in charity work with other chaplains. One day, as I entered the room where the babies were lying, I heard no noise. They were all silent but not asleep. I asked the nurse why they were so calm, as usually, children of that age should be crying and fussing.

He replied that the children cry when they are first brought in. They scream, expecting someone to come and comfort them. They cry out for help. But the nurses have to attend to their duties, and they can’t spend much time on one child. They really, very often, cannot be with the children, take care of them for long. When the babies realize that no one will help them, they stop crying.

Just for a moment, they lose all hope, realize that their mother won’t come to hold them, won’t nurse them. ‘They understand that they are alone.'”

After hearing those words, I cried and hurried home. My daughter was already sleeping. Sitting by her small crib, I promised myself to always be there for her when she needs me, not to leave her side, to offer constant support.

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