The poor pet was unhappy with his owners. However, life has prepared for him something new

It is unclear for what reason people get a pet if they are not ready to take care of him, feed him, walk with the animal every day.

This doggie is also very unlucky in terms of owners.

They locked up the animal, fed him occasionally, and did not consider it necessary to walk at all, and the unfortunate dog whined all day from sadness, longing and hunger.

But the kind neighbor could not look indifferently at the suffering of the animal and arranged a real operation to free him and she succeeded.

The dog was given the nickname Rocky and the woman who saved him organized a whole charity rock concert, and the dog became his symbol.

He was very photogenic and is often used as an advertising face for animal products.

He is also charming to such an extent that there was a whole queue of those who wanted to adopt him.

However, his rescuer herself had already become so attached to the baby that she left him to live in her house and Rocky immediately made friends with four other dogs, who also managed to be saved.

And the former owners, we think, are very sorry that they lost such a wonderful pet, and we also hope that such people will be banned to have pets at the legislative level.

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