The saddest cat that no one wanted to adopt became the happiest thanks to this family

Many of you may know or have come across pictures of this cat on the internet. This sad cat’s name is Ben-Ben, and he is considered the saddest cat in the world. His story is not a very happy one. Ben-Ben has always been in a shelter, and due to his demeanor and appearance, no one wanted to adopt him.



The shelter staff worked tirelessly and tried to find him a home, but all their efforts were in vain. So, they decided that the cat needed to be euthanized. It’s worth noting that Ben-Ben had health issues, including problems with his spine.

The staff members recount that Ben-Ben seemed to sense what they were planning to do with him, so he would just lie there and refuse to eat anything. However, a miracle happened. A woman who volunteered at a veterinary clinic saw pictures of the sad cat online.


She decided that she and her husband should adopt Ben-Ben. When they were preparing to adopt him, the veterinarians said that he would never be able to walk again. However, the kind-hearted family believed in their own abilities and said that love and care could change everything.


To everyone’s delight, they were right. After some time in their care, Ben-Ben started feeling much better. It’s worth noting that the cat was much less sad and could walk normally.


Despite having to take pain medication regularly, he is currently doing well, and his health problems seem to have disappeared. We wish this family continued success, and may Ben-Ben the cat enjoy good health.

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