The surrogate mother gave birth to twins, but one child turned out to be her own!

31-year-old Jessica Allen, a surrogate mother from California, did not know that she was carrying not only a child for a childless couple from China, but also her own. However, the real parents had to go through court proceedings and spend several thousand dollars on lawyers before the boy was returned to them.

Jessica became a surrogate mother after the birth of her second child. There was not enough money in the family, so together with her husband they made such a decision, and they planned to spend the sum of $ 30,000 on a house.

A couple of months later, it turned out that Jessica was pregnant with twins. Immediately after giving birth, the babies were given to their biological parents, and Jessica did not even have a chance to look at them, despite the conditions prescribed in the contract, which allowed the surrogate mother to spend one hour with the babies.

However, in the photo of newborn children that Jessica had left, it was immediately noticeable that the children were completely different, but Allen did not ask questions.

A few more weeks passed, and Jessica received a letter with a photo of the twins. In the letter, the biological mother admitted that she had doubts about one of the boys. Soon a DNA test was done, which showed that the child was indeed the son of Jessica Allen and her husband, Wardell Jasper.

Superfetation is a rare condition in which the second conception occurs within 24 days after the beginning of pregnancy, as a result of which a woman develops two fetuses. It is extremely rare — less than 20 cases are known in the world.

“We were in shock,” Allen recalls, I panicked, my husband too. We had no idea how we could prepare for the birth of a child in one night! We had just moved into a new house, and we didn’t have money for anything else.”

However, this was not the most difficult. The spouses from China were the legal parents of both children. They said they are ready to return the child, but they need compensation of 18 thousand dollars, otherwise they will give the child up for adoption. The trial with the surrogacy agency lasted several months. Malacci, as his real parents called the boy, returned home.

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