The touching way the granddaughter announced the engagement to her grandfather being in quarantine

Carly Boyd from North Carolina dated her boyfriend for 2 years, and finally he proposed to her while walking along Myrtle Beach, where they met.

The girl was happy, she shared the news with her family and friends, only one moment overshadowed everything: her grandfather was isolated and she had no way to tell him about it until a very touching way was found.

A girl found a touching way to announce her engagement to her grandfather who was in lockdown because of the coronavirus

Carly’s grandfather is in rehab, suffering from dementia and doesn’t have a phone he can access.

For the safety of its patients, the center has declared a quarantine and banned visits.

But according to the staff of the center, they helped Carly to tell about this joyful event without breaking the rules.

They raised the blinds, and the girl walked around the building, walked to the window of the hall and pointed to the ring.

It was an unforgettable moment

The situation was very emotional, and Carly put her hand on the glass, and grandpa put his on it.

Carly told her grandfather that she loved him. “I love you too and I hope to see you soon,” grandpa replied.

Well, how can you hold back the tears?

The girl’s wedding will take place next year and she really hopes that her grandfather will be present.

But she has already proven that no coronavirus can prohibit sharing joyful and precious moments with loved ones.

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