The unexpected marathon runner. Everyone were surprised and touched

The Scotsman and professional runner Dion Leonard took part in a difficult marathon race through the great Gobi Desert, partially occupying Chinese and Mongolian territory. The course was not easy and the total length was 250 kilometers, which took marathon runners six days to complete.

On the second day, just before the start, Dion noticed that an unsightly little stray dog of desert sand color was on the line with him. When the animal ran with Leonard, he was surprised, as were the other runners and all the organizers of the race. Dion thought that the dog would quickly give up, but he survived the whole race day, which covered 37 kilometers.

It was amazing. But what is even more amazing is that the dog decided to continue running the marathon, literally accompanying Leonard. However, because of the scorching desert sun, he suffered from heat stroke, and the four-legged runner was assisted by a medical team on duty in the car that was following the marathon runners.

The dog was named Gobi after the place. The four-legged runner covered a hundred kilometers in four days out of six. The story continued in an unexpected way. While Dion was solving bureaucratic problems, Gobi disappeared from view. But Leonard didn’t give up. Fortunately, Gobi was found and eventually landed in Scotland.

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