The unusual wedding based on Disney hero’s life

The wedding becomes one of the most important days in a girl’s life. It is not surprising that each of the brides wants to be a real princess at least for a day.

But how are the weddings of those whose favorite princess in childhood was the little mermaid Ariel? It turns out that everything happens to them like ordinary people. The main thing is to find a good organizer.

With this task, the American couple conceived a non-standard celebration. They turned to the Mermaid UK agency, that is specialized in organizing unusual stays in the style of the little mermaid. The agents helped to draw up a wedding program and find the perfect costumes for all the guests.

So, the bridesmaids have purple dresses. And the bride of the occasion herself was dressed in a white dress-tail and a bodice decorated with stones.

The groom at first wore a classic suit, but during the photo shoot at the beach, which took place after the wedding, he still put on a tail.

The holidays, like the photographs left after, looked simply magical. Most likely, this is one of the most unusual weddings.

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