The woman was diagnosed with infertility, but she was able to give birth. Now she has 17 children!

In a large family, a woman with a diagnosis of infertility brings up 17 children.

At the age of 18, doctors diagnosed Ann with a disappointing diagnosis, but the girl could not accept it.

On the advice of friends, she and her husband decided to take the baby from an orphanage.

Three-year-old girl, surprisingly similar to her husband, became Ann’s first daughter.

But the girl had a twin sister, it was a pity to separate the girls.

Therefore, the sister was also adopted.

Ann was still praying and asked for her long-awaited baby.

And a miracle happened.

Eugenia was born, and then Alexandra.

Their youngest daughter was born a year ago.

By this time, the couple had already taken 14 children from the orphanage.

Almost every one of them has a serious disease — Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, microcephaly, autism.

Angelica was born in a basement and lived in the dark for several months without seeing the sun.

For the first time after adoption, she slept under the bed like a frightened, downtrodden animal.

And she was afraid to touch fruits and sweets.

Now this smiling seven-year-old girl is already nursing her younger sisters with might and main.

The daughters help their mother in turn, set the table, then remove the dishes.

No one is sitting idle, so the house is in perfect order.

After breakfast, everyone goes about their business.

Some play with toys, some read books.

In good weather, they like to jump in the yard on a trampoline.

The elder ones look after the kids and help with the housework.

Punishing children is not accepted here. But for a serious offense, they can send you to the corner.

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