There was no hope left to find the 4-yaer-olg girl alive in the forest. Here is how the story ended

The story of Karina 4 years ago made a lot of noise, and even in the world. The girl miraculously managed to survive in the forests, where it would be quite difficult for an adult to spend even one day with all the necessary equipment.

The fact is that Karina and her family lived in one of the most remote and unsociable villages, where the population is only a few dozen people. On the day of their disappearance, her parents lost sight of her for a moment.

The girl’s mother did not immediately sound the alarm, because she did not live with Karina’s father and he often took the baby to him, to a nearby village. But when a few days later the man himself came to the village to his ex-wife, it became clear that Karina had gone. A large-scale operation to save the girl has begun.

Along with the baby, her puppy also disappeared. This could not save the situation in any way, because in the forests of Yakutia, right in the area of the village where Karina comes from, there are a lot of wild and dangerous animals. The rescuers understood that it was almost impossible to find the girl alive, especially when a bear was spotted on their way.

After 10 days, the puppy was still running around the house, but on his own. He was exhausted and frightened, he refused to leave the yard, and the rescuers continued their search, no longer counting on the help of even a puppy. But a miracle happened. On the 11th day, the rescuers came to Karina. They found the girl emaciated and frightened. She had difficulty in walking and was sent to the hospital, where she stayed for almost 20 days.

She later said that she and her puppy were playing near the forest, and then, after playing, they went deep into the forest, from where they could not find their way back. Everything is fine in the family now. Karina is making great progress in ballet, but the 8-year-old girl does not remember very well what happened to her 4 years ago. The main thing is that everything ended well.

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