These twin sisters were born completely different. And here’s what they look like today

When the newborns Lucy and Maria were brought to mom to look at her daughters for the first time, mom was so amazed for a while that she even forgot how to move.

She knew that she would have twins, but that the twins would be completely different from each other, she hadn’t even guessed. Now, 20 years later, this difference has become even more obvious.

In itself, the fact of the birth of dissimilar twins is not strange enough. But the fact that one girl had blue eyes and bright red hair, white skin and the second had brown eyes and dark skin, of course, this is exactly what surprised both parents.

Yes, of course, the genes are to blame: mom Donna is half black, because she is from Jamaica, and dad Vince is completely white. However, by that time the couple already had three babies, and they were all mulatto.

As one of the twins, Lucy, said, “Mom couldn’t even imagine that we would be so different. So who, when the midwife brought us to mom, mom was just speechless.

“No one believes that we are twins. Which is not surprising: even if we dress in the same dresses, we will still not look the same. Not like twins, even like sisters. Our friends even once asked for a birth certificate because they didn’t believe us.”

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