These two dogs seem to be babysitters. They take care of the baby from birth.

Sometimes, pets can be so cautious and caring towards newborns that it can surprise us and make us think that humans might even give way to pets in taking care of their children. We’ve all probably heard of Pitbulls. However, almost everyone doesn’t know how caring and attentive they can be. Kayla’s family had a pit bull named Nova and another small dog named Teddy. Compared to Nova, Teddy was shyer and didn’t interact as much, while Nova was a very intelligent and resourceful dog.

The family loved them both and considered them friends and family members. These two dogs often played together. Kayla was pregnant, and Nova hardly took her eyes off her beloved Kayla. At first, Kayla was a bit concerned about how the pit bull would treat her baby after the baby’s birth. The day came when Kayla’s little girl was born, and they brought her home.
Nova ran ahead and waited with big eyes to greet the little one. At first, the parents thought Nova wouldn’t be nice to the baby, but to their surprise, Nova approached the baby with so much care and affection and watched her. From that day on, Nova and Teddy became little Lilian’s guardians.

They seemed to be like the little one’s siblings, and every time they heard the baby’s voice, they quickly ran to see why the baby was upset. Seeing this, the parents felt a lot of joy and excitement.

As the little girl grew a bit, she also loved her furry companions. She would feed them with her little hand and play with them all day. In life, there are cases where we realize that we don’t always have to avoid animals; they can be our loyal friends and family members. Watch the video for more heartwarming moments.

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