They met a dolphin and a little whale in the ocean. What they found out about them has no explanation yet

Mothers are wonderful.

And why not adopt an orphan completely different from you, and even 6.5 times your height?

That’s exactly what happened off the coast of New Zealand.

Ocean explorers recently came across a wonderful couple, a small pilot whale and a young female bottlenose dolphin, plying the waters of the Bay of Islands.

It might seem like a coincidence, but within a month these two were noticed together again.

No doubt possible: mother dolphin adopted the little whale.

True, the little one will not always be small. Adult pilot whales are up to 6 meters long and weigh 300 tons.

The very fact that the bottlenose dolphin adopted someone else’s cub, even of a different species, is not surprising.

Bottlenose dolphins are very intelligent; they understand words and sign language, are able to copy human behavior and recognize themselves in the mirror.

Probably, with such a mind, they also have empathy.

From time to time, scientists notice bottlenose dolphins adopting the cubs of other dolphins, but the dolphin has never adopted such a giant.

Perhaps it’s a matter of irresistible maternal instinct, or maybe it’s the conscious behavior of the bottlenose dolphin, scientists do not yet know for sure.

However, scientists suggest that such kindness may be part of the dolphin mother’s personality.

Perhaps dolphins are capable of selfless kindness, not conditioned by instinct.


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