They were driving when noticed a breathless horse. Here is how they managed to save her

This story about the incredible courage and kindness of a girl, so rare these days, will definitely touch you to the depths of your heart.

Kelsey lives in the USA, in Illinois, and when she was driving with her mom, she saw an animal lying on the grass on the way.

The mother and daughter stopped to see what was going on there and saw a completely skinny horse that was almost breathless from hunger.

Surely, the animal was not suitable for work and it was left, or the horse itself left unscrupulous owners in search of food.

Moreover, traces of the whip were visible on her body.

The girl decided to take the horse home on foot, but it was very difficult and she walked with the horse for four hours, almost 15 kilometers, until they got home.

Kelsey and her family did everything to make the horse stronger and return to life, and the chances were almost negligible.

But love and care have done their job.

For about five days, the animal slept soundly and the family was very worried.

All this time Kelsey was in the barn and prayed for the rescue of the horse and she managed to save her.

She named the horse Sunny and now they are the best friends.

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