Visual test: You are strong if you can spot the 3 crocodiles among the dragons in 15 seconds.

The challenge becomes even more complex due to the striking resemblance between these two creatures.

Placing a crocodile and a dragon side by side in an image rich in detail makes their distinction particularly difficult.

Perhaps this is precisely what artist and illustrator Gergely Dudas had in mind when he designed this visual enigma.

Based in Budapest, Hungary, his Twitter account is full of dozens of similar images that require careful attention and real intellectual effort to resolve.

The illustrated puzzles it offers certainly constitute a test of the visual perception of the participants, thus stimulating and teasing their brain activity.

He has designed other puzzling images featuring rabbits, reindeer, pigs in shamrocks and even skeletons for Halloween.

If you manage to solve these puzzles, you can congratulate yourself, because this testifies to your good visual acuity.

Do you think you can find the solution on your own?

Otherwise, don’t worry, the answer is below, clearly marked in red.

It’s good ?

If yes, let’s move on to the answer.

Solution of the 3 crocodiles among the dragons in 15 seconds

If you haven’t managed to find the three crocodiles, we have circled them in red for you

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