When an unexpected guest jumped into the arms of a dying woman, those around him stopped talking

Khezane Chili lived in Brazil. When the woman was 49 years old, she was diagnosed with cancer, which very quickly developed to the last stage. During the last days of her life, Khezane could no longer leave the hospital, where she was constantly visited by relatives and friends. However, the woman did not stop complaining about the absence of someone very special.

Khezane adored her dog Richie. The woman took him in when he was still a puppy, loved and pampered him like her son. For Khezane, being separated from her pet is a real torture. The woman was afraid to die away from her furry friend and did not stop asking to be allowed to see him again.

Bringing dogs to the cancer ward is unacceptable, but the doctors decided to arrange a meeting anyway. Unfortunately, nothing could harm the patient’s condition. But everyone understood that meeting with a pet would make a dying woman happy.

On the appointed day, Thiago, Hejane’s son, and Richie were in a taxi to the hospital. For safety reasons, the meeting of his mother with the dog was moved from the ward to a special room. Richie, seeing his mistress, began to tear from the leash, rushed to the gurney and immediately tried to lick the woman’s face. The hospital staff watched the touching meeting. The people around could not hold back their tears.

In this story, it is touching not only that the woman was still able to say goodbye to her dear friend, but also that the hospital workers did not dismiss the requests of the dying woman and agreed to organize this meeting. On the threshold of eternity, kindness and care acquire a special value.

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