Wonders of nature. 320kg hybrid of a lion and a tiger

If you travel much online or/and offline and are sure that you have seen everything or at least almost everything, we are here to surprise you with a wonderful creature.

Get acquainted with the largest representative of the feline family — the hybrid tiger and lion Apollo.

Despite his impressive size and weight of more than three hundred kilogram, he has a very gentle and affectionate disposition.

And this giant became famous after a walk with animal rights activist and wildlife activist Michael Holston and Cody Antle in a small town in South Carolina.

These shots were posted on YouTube and immediately went viral, spreading throughout the network.

A former football player who became interested in this big cat, jokingly wrote that the cat, of course, is wonderful, but how much does this 300 kilogram guy eat?

Mike added that the teeth of this tiger (a cross between a lion and a tiger) are the size of a man’s middle finger, the tongue is the size of his forearm, and their size and weight are twice the size and weight of tigers or lions.

Nature is really a powerful phenomena, even if the hybrids are created by a human being, nature allows them to exist.


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